Trouble Shoot

Basic Tips

  • the free apps don't work.  We are not responsible for the apps that belong to other streaming services. We are only responsible for the Daisy Media App. that subscribers pay for.
  • always point the remote, that operates your media box, at the light on the box, do not point the remote at your TV.  If you are unsure on how to operate your remote, download this cheat sheet.
  • never do a factory re-set with your Daisy Media Box, this is because we individually program each box to make it "plug and play" and user friendly.  If you do a factory re-set then all of the programs, in particular the Daisy TV app (the TV with the star) will be deleted.
  • 99% of the problems with your box can be fixed by unplugging, counting to 10 and re-plugging your box in.  This maybe because the user is doing too many things at once with their box, and causing a traffic jam of data.
  • the more you use your media the better it gets.  Its a computer.
  • the quality of your stream depends on the strength of your internet connection and the quality of your box.  When you look at your wii fii settings, make sure that there is a strong signal.  The more ram your box has and the larger your processor the faster your stream will be.  We sell only 2g or ram or more, and a minimum of quad core (4) processors.
  • to prevent freezing unplug your box at least once a week for a few minutes so that the computer can clear any memory.
  • if your media box has a small hard drive and you download too many apps or content, your box will slow down.  We only sell hard drives with a minimum of 16gs.
  • if you are unable to access the portal, but the other apps work, go to the portal, then click on the button on you remote with the 3 horizontal lines. Go to SETTINGS, then PROFILE, then STB Configuration, Then, MAC Address.  Record the number, eg. 00:1A:79:##:##:##.  Email us the MAC Address to test.
  • your monthly subscription activates the Daisy tv app (the tv with the star on it) for exactly one month.  The system will automatically deactivate your account until payment is made. A message will show up on your screen that your STMB is blocked, and to contact your provider.
  • if you are re-activating your account, keep in mind that the computer has to reload all 3000 channels, so it will take a little longer than usual.  Just be patient.  If the yellow loading bar freezes after a few minutes just unplug and re-plug it in.  It just means that there was a traffic jam in the data.
  • if none of these tips help, please call our Customer Support Line at 1-877-385-0005 ext. 2.
  • post your suggestions onto our community blogs